Make Human Resources Easy To Do Business With!
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Make Human Resources Easy To Do Business With!

Stephen Heise, Director of Human Resources, Desert Diamond Casinos
Stephen Heise, Director of Human Resources, Desert Diamond Casinos

Stephen Heise, Director of Human Resources, Desert Diamond Casinos

I have always said that if you want to help with Team Member engagement, you need to “Make Human Resources Easy to Do Business With!” It starts with how easy your Applicant Tracking System is to use for your candidates. Do you have an “Easy Apply” feature? How many clicks does it take for a candidate to get to the job application? If you have four or less clicks, you are doing great! If it takes 16 clicks or more to apply, you are in the failure zone. This is where you will have half or more of your candidates dropping out and never apply for your jobs. They will give up on the process. We need to make applying for a job easy to do! In this time of low unemployment and competition for talent, we need to do all we can to capture the best talent easily!

This concept also applies to Team Member “Benefit Enrollment.” Too many times, I have seen companies use acronyms and technical jargon without explanations for Team Members when they are trying to enroll in medical benefits. Explain the acronym or terminology using simple to understand verbiage that anyone can understand. Make it so simple that it doesn’t take a college education to understand it. It is nice to have two or three choices for medical plans, but that can make it even more confusing for Team Members. Explain the differences between a PPO, HDHP, and an HSA. Explain the difference between a copay and a deductible and how it affects them. Explain what “InNetwork” and “Out-of-Network” means. Another way to make enrollment easy to understand is to clearly explain whether the costs are based on a weekly, biweekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis. I have often seen summaries where this is a challenge to differentiate. Team Members want to compare the new costs to what they paid at their previous company. If we do not make it easy to determine, they might easily make assumptions that they will be paying more, when that might not be the truth!

As a former Leader at the Disney organization, we were taught to listen to what the guests want, and do everything we can to not meet, but exceed their expectations! Put yourself in your new hires’ shoes and see it from their eyes. At one medical organization that I worked for, we met with new hires within 60 days of their on-boarding and asked them what they saw that could be improved, based on what they experienced, compared to their favorite past companies. Human Resources compiled the lists of recommendations and worked with their Operating Executive partners to implement these best practices. The new hires gave enough new insights that, within months, we had improved the onboarding process to the point where there was nothing left to change. One example was to allow the night nursing staff to park in the lot closer to the hospital for safety reasons when there was ample parking, but not during the daytime.

So find a way to “Make Human Resources Easy to Do Business With,” and you will have greater Team Member engagement, and your Human Resources Department will be seen with more respect and credibility.

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