20 Most Promising Technology Solution Providers for Casinos - 2018

20 Most Promising Technology Solution Providers for Casinos - 2018

The casino industry has grown tremendously in recent years transforming into one of the most profitable industries in the world and technology undoubtedly has played a crucial role in its success. The current domination of advanced mobile apps and virtual reality tournaments in the world of online gaming has prompted game developers to create online casino apps that are engaging and story driven to entice the players. As such, the August 2017 statistic showed that 16 of the top grossing iPhone apps of the year were social casino games. Casinos these days also provide apps that leverage advanced technology like GPS that enable players to check the availability of tables around them in the casino, thus providing them with a premium experience. Besides apps can show the customer any restaurants or shops nearby the casino that is worth visiting.

The casino industry is also leveraging technology to safeguard their business against cheaters and fraudsters and evolving cyber attacks. Casinos are increasingly making use of facial recognition technology to identify con men from entering the premises. Casinos these days are also equipped with cameras with advanced eye-in-the-sky technology that can easily recognize people’s faces even from a distance with alarming security. Furthermore, the increasing cyber attacks have also prompted operators to employ heavy encryption techniques to safeguard the transfer of information and funds within the casino. Encryption key that is 128 bits or longer is designed that is strong enough to defend against password crackers and data thieves trying to break into the system. Cybersecurity strategies will thus undoubtedly be one of the key priorities for the casino industry in 2018.

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AGS AGS is a global company which is focused on creating a diverse mix of entertaining gaming experiences for every kind of player
Aristocrat Leisure Limited Offers a diverse range of products and services for gaming solutions, including electronic gaming machines, social gaming and casino management systems
Aruze Gaming Offers gaming equipment, electronic table games, gaming systems, and video & stepper reels. They design, develop, and manufacture slot machines and gaming devices for the global casino market
AXES Network AXES is an IoT Fintech that offers a cloud-based information management platform that provides actionable intelligence and applications to the global gaming and amusement industry
B2B Gaming Services Provides comprehensive platform solutions to sports betting, casino, and games in regulated markets
BR Softech Provides custom and client-oriented IT consulting services, website designing and development, mobile app development, game development, and cryptocurrency development services
Casino Science Assists Casinos make data driven decisions by solving targeted problems that save money and identify high value players
Casino Technology A manufacturer and provider of highly performing slot games, slot machines, and gaming solutions
EvenBet Gaming Offers turnkey and custom online gaming solutions for standalone projects and poker networks
Everi Financial Technology Delivers solutions that are a collection of integrated products, and kiosks that brings next-level transactional security to the casino floor
Gamblit Gaming Combines AAA game development with latest hardware to attract millenials to the casino floor
Game-Tec Labs Provides gaming system implementations for large and small operations including start-ups and system conversions
Genesis Gaming Offers hardware and software solutions for casino pit and poker room management and player tracking operations
International Game Technology Provides the government-sponsored and commercial gaming industry with solutions for gaming, lottery, digital, and social, through channels such as retail, web, and mobile
IntuiCode Gaming Specializes in the development of gaming software and platforms for regulated casino gaming markets such as progressive jackpot system, device and platform solutions, as well as successful slot game titles
Newgioco Group The company offers a full suite of leisure gaming products and services as well as an innovative betting platform while keeping the regulatory obligations in check
Phi Gaming Systems and promotional kiosk development studio providing online loyalty redemption catalogs to augment casino player clubs
Win Systems A technology supplier providing management solutions, electronic roulette, and slot machines to the casino and lottery industries
Yggdrasil Gaming provides superior online gaming solutions for igaming operators
Zitro S.A.R.L Zitro S.A.R.L improves the gaming experience while promoting responsible gaming