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Gabriel Chaleplis, Founder & CEO
When the casino industry sailed into the realm of virtual world in the 1990’s, it entered a dimension of delivering endless possibilities around entertainment and experience. A successful traverse, however, dictated a proviso: Frameworks of operations capable of outthinking business boundaries, and safeguarding end-customers in this new habitat. Setting this caveat as the founding principle of his company, B2B GAMING SERVICES, CEO Gabriel Chaleplis conceived a platform that would later establish the firm as a market leader. Guided by the vision to provide a “powerhouse of possibilities” to clients and a universe of entertainment to the end-customer, the platform was “designed to be modular enough to satiate diverse client needs, flexible enough to sustain business growth, and disciplined enough to be able to carve new business standards.”

However, in this dynamic new habitat, standards become obsolete rather quickly. B2B GAMING SERVICES addresses such market undulations through its goal to continually improve and enrich user experience that trigger surprise and maintain interest of the end-customer. A key parameter to this is the collaborations the company forges with other market leaders. One example is their partnership with iSoftBet, which allows B2B GAMING SERVICES to deliver high-end casino experience for its clients.

A significant change the industry has witnessed over the years is the rapidly maturing technology that has enabled virtual gaming environments to offer an increasingly immersive, real-time experience to players. In the case of B2B GAMING SERVICES, the company achieves this through integration with Extreme Live Gaming technology and highly scalable, high capacity servers, awarding the full benefit of extreme live video streaming to its clients. “And, a strong back office along with content management tools, allow us to deploy solutions tailored to each client’s needs,” adds Chaleplis. The platform gives clients the control of the possibilities they desire while designing website that are subjected to a given market’s requirements. “Our platform allows content to be easily selected based on different features, variations, themes, bonus and gamble features.”

Our platform allows content to be easily selected based on different features, variations, themes, bonus and gamble features

The list of satisfied clientele B2B GAMING SERVICES has etched since its inception in 1997 is long and impressive. But, showcasing any particular use-case as the perfect one would defy the company’s principle, because, Chaleplis says that every case is as perfect as its market potential. “Our role is to aid our clients tap the maximum of this potential, enhancing upon market dynamics.”

The firm foresaw the demarcation between business providers, aggregators and operators blurring in the years to come and centered itself to gain a span over the entire spectrum. Today, the firm is a provider in terms of its platform, an aggregator in terms of diversifying offerings for clients and an operator when it comes to a client requiring to operate on licenses. Chaleplis states that the firm will continue to specialize in services for enterprises via its platform. “The company will continue to expand globally, offering online as well as offline solutions, within the gaming and betting sector, certainly in the non-gambling sector, such as e-commerce and gamified e-commerce related services.”

The company also shoulders corporate social responsibilities and under this framework it has B2B GAMING SERVICES Institute for Responsible Gambling & Commercial Gaming due launch in immediate future. “The institute will serve as a structure to broaden understanding, promote research and learning and enhance amusement aspects while safeguarding against unethical behaviors, so that the multifaceted issues surrounding gambling and commercial gaming may be addressed and capitalized upon both ends,” concludes Chaleplis.

B2B Gaming Services

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Gabriel Chaleplis, Founder & CEO

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B2B Gaming Services