AXES Network: Democratizing Access to Quality IT

Earle G. Hall, President & CEO
With the rampant adoption of digital technologies, the casino industry has undergone a tremendous amount of demographic changes including slot machines and traditional gaming tables being replaced by a server-based network gaming approach. Tier-1 casinos, in particular, cushioned by heavy technology investments, uninterrupted network connectivity, and advanced information management systems (IMS), are growing stronger with time. For Tier-2 and Tier-3 casinos, with more modest IT budgets and less reliable internet availability, it goes without saying that a decision to adopt the latest technologies is no less than venturous. Canada-based AXES Network is on a mission to impart the information capabilities of Tier-1 casinos to Tier-2 and Tier-3 casinos globally by leveraging cloud technologies. AXES, with its ambitious R&D strategy has developed a cloud-based platform that provides native and third-party applications such as jackpot, loyalty, rewards, cashless, and accounting for efficient operational management. The company emphasizes reducing complexity, cost, as well as the dependence on experts to employ robust IMS. Proactive events and alerts safeguard clients from key fraud, theft and technical issues that plague profit and efficiency.

To materialize Hall’s vision of brimming Tier-2 and Tier-3 casino ecosystems with cutting-edge technologies, AXES Network developed the ‘BlackBox.’ A data collection device installed directly on each slot machine, BlackBox automatically collects, stores, and communicates data, delivering accessible mission-critical information in a secured manner to enhance client performance and profitability. “The information in BlackBox is securely streamed and stored in the cloud and is designed to integrate with any type of slot machines without any restrictions,” says Earle G. Hall, President and CEO of AXES Network. Also, the device intelligently upgrades necessary applications without human intervention, making it easy for the clients to manage the entire casino system without costly maintenance and service contracts. BlackBox doesn’t require on-site servers or local IT expertise. AXES bridges internet issues with a local cloud service device called the Local Integrity Device (LID), which ensures that the mission-critical transactions such as “ticket in” and ticket out” are redundant and not internet dependent. Therefore, the intuitive BlackBox handsomely tackles single point of failure and stores up to 300 days of transactions in offline mode that ultimately boosts the performances of both Tier-2 and Tier-3 casinos.

Our USP is the IoT standard BlackBox together with a constantly evolving information management platform to empower intelligent decisions and drive incremental revenue

Besides, AXES delivers automated reports and triggered alerts that are relayed through the dashboards for the casino operator to make informed decisions and proactively stay ahead of costly issues. “We have created a data collection device that is of IoT standard. That means, we can continually integrate intelligent technologies in the hardware to support more and more apps automatically.”

Recently, one of their clients having 600 different locations needed to proactively make decisions on maintenance regarding cash floats and machine upgradation. AXES consolidated the operational data of their entire set of machines into a single environment in real time. The integration of data into a single repository enabled the client to stratify the information by location, neighborhood, city, and state. In another instance, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) didn’t have an adequate management system to collect data to create necessary reports on revenue shares and the performance of the slot machines. AXES Network provided a detailed analysis of the gameplay, revenue, and marketing to simultaneously address the performance of the machines.

Looking ahead, AXES Network envisions entering into the Tier-1market to provide affordable and comparable solutions globally. The company is also planning to integrate new age technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence into BlackBox. “We believe that knowing the requirements of the clients and matching that to the best technology is the most critical element of competition. By giving them web, mobile, and analytical tools to predict the need of their players, their floor configurations and their market advantage, we are going to make the biggest difference in the next three years,” concludes Hall.

AXES Network

Quebec City, Canada

Earle G. Hall, President & CEO

AXES is a Cloud Information Management Platform that licenses actionable intelligence and applications to Global Gaming & Amusement Industry. With IoT devices streaming data from more than 40 countries, AXES makes sense of billions of pieces of player, machine, time, and space data to create value, increase revenue, and enhance player engagement. The AXES platform offers native and third-party applications such as jackpot, loyalty, rewards, cashless, and accounting to improve client performance and profitability. The company advantage is simple: they can connect to any type, number of machines, and location size

AXES Network