Phi Gaming: Useful, Simple and Engaging Gaming Experience

Diallo Gordon, CEO John Hale, COO Shawn Scranton, VP of Operations and Melissa Strickland
Casinos had just entered a dimension of delivering endless opportunities and improvement in service delivery when Diallo Gordon and John Hale sailed into the industry after having worked in defense. While the defense sector was high-speed and constantly up-to-date in terms of technological advancements, the duo realized that their new environment was quiet, calm, and ripe for innovation. Setting this opportunity to innovate as the founding principle of their company, Phi Gaming, the two aeronautical engineers conceived a lush product suite with an aim to automate and improve things in the gaming industry, helping market things faster. “Casino products should be useful, simple, and engaging, and also blend customer experience, efficiency gains along with self-service and loyalty. This is precisely what forms the core of our products,” says Gordon, CEO, Phi Gaming. The company provides web- and cloud-based plug-ins and applications, as well as standard and third-party apps for kiosks.

Phi Gaming focuses primarily on building customer lifetime value, player engagement, and retention. “Through player retention, we reward loyal members who keep returning to us and progress from a basic membership through tiers, thus building a relationship,” says Gordon. Its Online Loyalty Marketplace application aids in this by allowing patrons to exchange points earned over a certain limit on e-commerce platforms or in malls. This cuts down on the need for inventory management and allows customers more choice, which improves the customer experience.

Earn and Get is another Phi Gaming application driving consumer behavior, which allows patrons to play until they qualify for a promotional offer or prize. Besides, the Swipe and Win module awards a back-end controlled prize to an unpremeditated consumer, generating considerable excitement among patrons. That’s not all.
The Draw and Win application enables patrons to buy tickets for an automated draw, while Pick and Win lets them enter a sports pick-em game. Phi Gaming’s kiosk has a 42-inch vertical touch-screen, with a third of the screen space devoted to advertisements. The kiosk is hardwired or wireless as per customer requirements and operates in the cloud. Phi Gaming augments staff to carry out vital marketing and promotion roles through solutions that function perfectly without requiring a heavy backup of infrastructure and servers, thus improving its clients’ ROI.

The Phi Gaming product suite distinguishes itself from other products in the gaming industry with user-friendly back-end applications and an admin panel that can be monitored remotely. The swift onboarding process is an added feather in its hat. Phi Gaming’s technology stack was chosen to boost the speed of product development and delivery. Hale, COO of Phi Gaming, explains, “Our technology enables us to build the back-end before customer demonstration, and as the product is already configured, we merely need to plug it into their kiosk of choice, and it is ready for use.” The company takes pride in its security and automation tools, as well as its service delivery, which enables it to regulate several interconnected servers simultaneously.

A local casino that was split up sought Phi Gaming’s assistance in an attempt to draw crowds while existing among several larger counterparts. The client sought to improve its marketing but was impeded by the shortage of staff. Phi Gaming stepped in to provide Swipe and Win, which aided in acquiring new patrons from competing casinos, while the food and beverage, and retail outlet proved useful in promoting loyalty. The company’s gaming kiosks improved the client’s marketing and promotional service offerings. Phi Gaming also aided the client further by taking its antiquated hardware and software off the floor, which led to reduced costs and better loyalty tracking.

Gordon vividly describes Phi Gaming’s plans for venturing into industries that focus on loyalty and rewarding customer behavior, as well as plans to expand across the globe.

Phi Gaming

Las Vegas, NV

Diallo Gordon, CEO John Hale, COO Shawn Scranton, VP of Operations and Melissa Strickland

Phi Gaming believes in building a world around simple interactions that are enjoyable. They do that by designing and deploying useful engagement products and their support structures for the gaming industry. They love the way people feel when they get what they want. By building modern solutions that source data from client’s CMS can be like trying to conduct e-commerce via a fax machine. It creates a high barrier to entry that prevents new and engaging rewards ideas and products that can complement gambling activities from being built and deployed